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Northridge Townhomes

Pleasantville, NJ
Size:: 87 Units

Sunrise Gardens Apartments

Pennsville, NJ
Size:: 72 Units

Conshohocken Portfolio

Conshohocken, PA
Size:: 9 Homes

Manayunk Portfolio

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 12 Homes

135-137 North 3rd Street

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 16 Units + 2 Retail

The Flats at 31 Brewerytown

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 114 Units

Riverview Apartments

Sunbury, PA
Size:: 47 Units

Arch Avenue Apartments

Newfield, NJ
Size:: 15 Units

Morningstar Portfolio

Wilmington, DE
Size:: 201 Units

Gladiator Portfolio II

Southern NJ
Size:: 95 Units

Applegate Apartments

Hatfield, PA
Size:: 84 Units

Mountain Lane Apartments

Allentown, PA
Size:: 24 Units

Ashland Terrace

Secane, PA
Size:: 27 Units

Royersford Apartments

Royersford, PA
Size:: 28 Units

Mount Sinai Apartments

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 38 Units

2019 Multifamily North American Investment Report