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Galloway Court

New Castle, DE
Size:: 129 Units

Briar Knoll

Toms River, NJ
Size:: 51 Units

Jefferson Apts. & Nassau Mansion

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 28 Units

The Flats at 31 Brewerytown

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 114 Units

Lenox Apartments

Atlantic City, NJ
Size:: 32 Apts. + 6 Retail

River Commons

Wilmington, DE
Size:: 116 Units

Laureldale & Pennside

Berks County, PA
Size:: 49 + 8 Units

Fox Hollow & Saylor Park

Whitehall, PA
Size:: 68 Units

Sunrise Gardens Apartments

Pennsville, NJ
Size:: 72 Units

Lafayette Court Apartments

Kennett Square, PA
Size:: 19 Units

Farrand Village Apartments

Wilmington, DE
Size:: 165 Units

Riverview Apartments

Sunbury, PA
Size:: 46 Units

Mount Sinai Apartments

Philadelphia, PA
Size:: 38 Units

2019 Multifamily North American Investment Report