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ShoreGate Portfolio

Gettysburg & Hanover, PA
Size: 144 Units

1700 Walnut

Philadelphia, PA
Size: 68 Apts + Retail/Office

Longview Apartments

Allentown, PA
Size: 68 Units

Butler Terrace Townhomes

Hazleton, PA
Size: 22 Units

608 South 3rd Street

Philadelphia, PA
Size: 3 Apts + 1 Retail

Meadow Glen Apartments

Telford, PA
Size: 91 Units

2037 Spring Garden Street

Philadelphia, PA
Size: 6 Units

Iron Works Apartments

Lancaster, PA
Size: 11 Units

Brenton Hall & Hampden Manor

Narberth, PA
Size: 40 Units

Settlers Place Apartments

Oakdale, PA
Size: 164 Units

Briar Knoll

Toms River, NJ
Size: 53 Units

Wilmington Portfolio

Wilmington, DE
Size: 90 Units

709-711 Windsor Street

Wilmington, DE
Size: 12 Units

464-480 North 2nd Street

Souderton, PA
Size: 12 Units

King’s Village

Philadelphia, PA
Size: 21 Units

Cheltenham Village & Clayton Court

Size: 172 Units

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