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Yale Court

Morton, PA
Size: 26 Units

20th Street Triplexes

Philadelphia, PA
Size: 6 Units

Terraces at Shepherdstown

Mechanicsburg, PA
Size: 37 Townhouses

Stauffer Pointe

Pittston, PA
Size: +/- 112 Lots

Hudson Garden Apartments

Hudson, NY
Size: 48 Units

Hanover Portfolio

Hanover, PA
Size: 40 Units

North Country Portfolio

Upstate NY
Size: 760 Units

Foxcroft Apartments

Blackwood, NJ
Size: 40 Units

211 Benigno

Bellmawr, NJ
Size: 40,503 SF

Court Commons

Reading, PA
Size: 24 Units

Parkside Apartments

Bridgeport, PA
Size: 11 Units

2810 North Monroe Street

Wilmington, DE
Size: 10 Units

Jordan Woods

Whitehall, PA
Size: 12 Units

York Portfolio

York, PA
Size: 205 Units

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